Default Router Passwords & Usernames

192.168.l.254 login/192.168.l.254 admin

If you have a router and you want to login to your router to make some changes you have to log in your router. But most of the people don’t know their default username and get in trouble to login in their routers so. Don’t worry guys this post is specially made for you I am about to share with you how you can login to your router so let’s start. We are providing the default router passwords in this guide.

What is the 192.168.l.254 IP Address

192.168.l.254 is the default access key of your router. 192.168.l.254 is the used by 75% of the routers. If you want to login in your account you must paste type this 192.168.l.254 in your browser after you will get the login of your page after the entering the password you will be logged in your router acc. After the logged in you can able to change the setting of your DAN address, Proxy, WAN protocols, Virtual routing. DHCP client, ADSL, DMZ, IP QoS, WLAN (WIFI), a variety of security options, MAC, and all are the adjustment to the blocking and other changes.

Default Router Passwords

How to access to your router using

There is a simple way to accessing your router. most of the compneies use same default router access ip and here are the companies that use same default router aces ip address.

  • Billion DSL routers
  • Westell modems for Bellsouth / AT&T DSL internet services in the U.S
  • Netopia / Cayman internet gateways.
  • Link sys SRW2024 manages switches.
  • The 3com Office connect routers.
  • All D-Link Routers.

So these modems company and other as well use same default router ip. So I will tell you a step by step guide on how you can access your router. so let’s start

Step 1:- open any browser in your device.

Step 2:- after opening the browser copy and paste this link your browser or you can manually type the address as well.


Step 3:-  After pasting the address in your browser you will directly get to the login page of your router now just enter the password of your router. Wholla!!! Now you can access your router and change the settings as well.

Don’t know the password of your router?

Sometimes we forget our password and get in trouble to accessing the router. So here some famous brands default password and username. You can access your modem by entering the same detail as I given below.

Default Router Passwords List and Usernames

Modem Brand    Login IP      Username Password

3Com      admin        admin


BenQ      admin        admin

D-Link      admin       

Digicom  admin       

Digicom  admin        password

Digicom  admin        michelangelo

Linksys      admin        admin

Netgear      admin        password

Sitecom      admin        admin

Sitecom      sitecom      admin

Thomson          user  user

US Robotics      admin        admin

Note:- If you are still unable to login in your router please contact to your service providers. ISP’s will give you the default router passwords.

So that was the complete guide on how you can access your default modem and we have shared the complete list of default router passwords and usernames. If you find this useful please share this article. Thanks for reading have a good day ahead.

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