How to Setup a Broadband Router for First-Time Use?

The Internet has become an integral part of our life nowadays and broadband connections become quite common at our homes. But a lot of users are still not aware of the simple techniques to set up a broadband router for first-time use. Most of them think that it requires a lot of technical skills from their side to set up those devices. But the fact is something different. Even the people with less technical knowledge can do this with ease. To make this task even simple for the users, we are here providing the complete process for the initial setup of a broadband router at your homes. Now following these steps you can easily create a home network as per your convenience, and that too without anyone’s support.

Setup Broadband Router

What is a router and how does it work?

Routers are the basic networking devices and are capable of deciding how a network should behave. Starting from a small broadband router, you can find extremely high-end routers used in the corporate networks. It is the configuration ability of the routers that decide whether it is an entry level router or a high-end one. The broadband router is basically an entry level router and can be configured through a web browser. IP Addresses are the most important thing that can make any network work in the right way. In the case of the routers also, IP Address plays a very vital role. They can not only use an IP Address for their own but can assign it to all the other devices available in the network.

Whenever you order a broadband connection, in most cases you will be provided with a broadband router by the Internet Service Provider. Otherwise, you can purchase it from the wide range of available broadband routers in the market. To set up a normal home network you are not required to purchase any costly routers. A simple broadband router which is available at an extremely low rate can be used for this purpose. Once you are ready with the router you can follow the below steps to easily set up it as the gateway for your broadband connection.

Steps to setup a new broadband connection

The first step in the process is to connect your broadband modem and router using a LAN cable. While making this connection, make sure that the cable is plugged into the port marked as WAN in your router. Now connect one of your PCs to the broadband router either using a LAN cable or through the Wireless mode. Now checking the IP Address of your PC will display an IP Address that was automatically assigned by the router to your device. You can check this by opening the command prompt in your PC and typing the command “ipconfig” there. From the result, you can see the IP Address of your device and a gateway IP Address as well. The gateway IP corresponds to the one that is of the broadband router. So you are now aware of the broadband router IP Address also.


Ip Address of New Routers :-

Entering the IP Address of the broadband router in a web browser can give you access to the configuration window of the router. In the case of the majority of the routers, its IP address will be 192.168.l.254. So enter this IP Address in your browser and click Enter. Now you will be asked to enter the login id and password. In most cases, both of them will be admin by default. Successful entering of these details opens the homepage of the broadband router where you can see different categories like WAN, LAN, Wireless LAN etc. The WAN corresponds to the internet connection that you are receiving from your ISP. You don’t have to make any changes there as this setting works automatically in sync with the ISP configuration.

In the LAN section, you can set up the IP Address series that you like to use in your network. By default it will be setup by the router manufacturer and probably will be in the series. Also, they setup it to provide IP Addresses automatically to all the devices that connect to it through a feature called DHCP. To increase the network security you can disable this feature. In that case, you need to enter the IP Address manually in your devices. The Wireless LAN section allows you to set the required password for your WiFi network. Apart from these settings, you can keep the remaining configurations unchanged if you don’t want to try the advanced options in the broadband router.

Fixing Problems Faced with Routers Using 192.168.l.254

192.168.l.254 Admin

The 192.168.l.254 is a specific address for accessing there routers and modems and it was desigmed by the manufacturers of the routers as the default address of all modems. The 192.168.l.254 address is used by the 76% of the routers companies. You can simply logged in your modem by typing 192.168.l.254 admin this address bar you will redirected to a login page where you can put your username and password and logged in your account. but sometime we face some time users also faces the some unknown errors. Like some time there is an hardware connection problem maybe there is an issue with modem and IP address that you  entered is incorrect. So in this post I am going to share about you a proper guide on  how you can resolve the unknows errors given by your router. So lets start. 

192.168.l.254 Problems

Fixing the trouble to accessing your router using 192.168.l.254

 Issue with the browser and IP address.

Please double check the while you are entering the address in your address bar for login. Because it is very important to enter the correct ip address. Basically, there are two main ip addresses 192.168.l.254 login  or so try both ip address to log in the account. And make sure that not to using http:// because when you hit the any address in your search bar it will automatically added the “Http://”and “Https”. So try to manually remove the HTTP protocol . if the nothing will work you can restart your browser and PC and can try the same methods.

Note:- make sure that you type the IP address in the address bar only not put Ip address in the tool bar or search engine. 

Hardware problem

Double cheack your all connections like cable and wire are properly coonected in their port. If you found any looses in wire please replug the wire. Please make sure that you have good internet connection. Because its very important to reach your router. Cheack your router that the router is perfectly connected with the power and blinking perfectly maybe some times routers also defect if you found something like this situation please contact your service provider as soon as possible. If the nothing will work restart your pc and routers and start it again. If you are still in trouble please comment below we will surely come back with a solution


Open yout commond prompt by and hit the IPCONFIG and run view you ip address someties computer automatically obtain the Ip address suitable for them from the router . So it can cheack your from this. 

Wrapping up things.

So 192.168.l.254 login is the default ip address for the most of routers. You can access your modem to copy paste this address 192.168.l.254 admin in you address bar (Not in the search engine or tool bar) and ater that you can put your username and password to looged in your account.

So that was the complete post on how you can resolve the unknow errors of your routers. If you found this post usefull please share the post.

How to Secure a Home Network Using a Broadband Router

The number of users who are setting up broadband connections at their homes are seen to be increasing heavily in the last few years. Along with this, you can also find a huge increase in the number of intruders who are trying to crack into your network. A major portion of them likes to use your internet connection so that they can download their favorite movies and other items for free. These hackers will use a major part of your data and that too without giving any clue to you. The users, in this case, will end up in a fight with their internet service provider claiming that they are not getting the complete data as committed in their monthly plan. The ISP will not provide any solution to you for this issue as they will find that the data is actually utilized from your connection.

Home Broadband Network

They are less dangerous compared to the second group of intruders who are not interested in the free internet. These second group of “internet thieves” will utilize your connection for illegal purposes so that whenever any legal issues arise they will not come on the suspect list. In this case, it is you who will be considered as the culprit for what you are not even heard about. So, a security loop hole on your home network can cause serious issues to you. Due to these issues, the users are found to be searching options to secure their home network from these intruders. But what is the ultimate solution for this issue? Who can help you in making your home network safe and secure? The interesting fact is that you can do this by yourself with the help of the broadband router which is an essential part of the home network.

Every broadband router provides the users with the option to log in to their configuration page, most probably through the IP Address 192.168.l.254. It is this login that works as your key to secure your network. Let us check this process in detail.

Steps to Configure a Broadband Router to Make Your Network Secure

As I said earlier, the majority of broadband routers are configured by default with the IP Address 192.168.1254. To get access to the configuration page of your router, enter this IP Address in any of the web browsers on your PC. Before entering the home page of the router, you will be asked to enter the login ID and password. By default, both these will be “admin”. Entering these login details will open the configuration page of the router. Once you get access to this page make sure to change the Wi-Fi password on priority. The Wi-Fi is the most vulnerable part of your network and hence secure it so that no intruders can make use of it. While setting the password for the Wi-Fi connection, try to set up one which is difficult for others to guess. A complex password is the best lock for your network.

There are cases in which intruders can unlock any password set by you. It is the MAC filter available in the Wireless section of the router that can be of great help at this stage. Check the MAC Address of your devices and add them to the MAC filter menu of the router. Now check the “Allow Devices with These MAC Addresses Only”. Now devices with any other MAC Address than the ones added by you will be blocked by the router. A lot of routers also provides the users with the options like Firewall, URL blocking etc. They can also be accessed in the same way by login to the router with the 192.168.l.254 IP Address.

It is always recommended to enable the firewall feature of the router as it can be very useful to block the unwanted connection coming to your network. You might be aware of a similar feature on your personal computers. This firewall also works in a similar way with more advanced options. The URL blocking helps to block the vulnerable websites that may result in injecting viruses or malware to your network. So, try to make use of all these options in your network as it can be done even by the users with least technical skills. The only thing that you should remember is the IP Address of the router, which is 192.168.l.254.

How to Create A Perfect Home Network Using The Broadband Router?

Broadband connections have become an integral part of our homes with the increased requirement of the Internet service for our various devices. In addition to the laptops and personal computers, we have certain smartphones also in our home which forces us to think about a broadband connection. It can save a lot of money and provides with enough data for your devices rather than the mobile data packs provided by the telephone providers. But how many of us know that a broadband router can make our network the best one or even the worse one as per the configuration? Yes, a proper configuration of the broadband router by logging into it through the IP Address 192.168.l.254 can make your home network the best one. At the same time, if your router is having an improper configuration it will always create some headache for you. You can also learn how to setup broadband network from our previous guide.

Broadband Router Network

Most of the users think that configuring the broadband router is not an easy task and hence can’t be done by them. But I would like to say that this is a misunderstanding on their side as even a normal user can do some basic configuration on the broadband router. Here we are trying to support the users in configuring their broadband routers in such a way that it can perform in the best way.

Simple Steps To Make Your Home Network The Best One: –

To configure your broadband router, the first step is to establish a connection between your router and your personal computer. You can either connect these devices using the Wireless network or through a LAN cable (Cat5/Cat6 Networking Cable). Almost all the routers are designed with the DHCP feature enabled in them. This feature helps the router to allocate a particular IP Address to any device connected to it. So, once you are connected to the router you will be provided with an IP Address along with a default gateway. This gateway IP Address is the IP Address of the broadband router and will be in most of the cases.

You can enter this IP Address in any web browser available in your computer and press the ENTER key. A new page will now open in the browser which will ask you to enter the Login ID and Password. If you have not changed it previously, it will be “admin” by default. Enter this login details and you will get access to the home page of the broadband router. To make your network secure, change the Wi-Fi password of your router along with the login details. But be aware that this will log you out of the configuration page of the router and even disconnect you from the network if you are connected through Wi-Fi mode. Connect again to the Wi-Fi module using the new password. Now login again to the router by entering the same 192.168.l.254 IP Address with the new login details.

Now you can do some other fine tuning on your broadband router. The most important one among them is setting the DHCP option as per your requirement. It is a good idea to keep the DHCP option disabled so that even if somebody gets connected to your network in an illegal way his device will not be assigned an automatic IP Address. So, he won’t be able to access the internet or any other resources in your network. If you want to give access to anyone you can provide them an IP Address that comes in the network with the as gateway IP Address. You will get the option to change the IP Network also. However, it is better to let it unchanged as the network is the most commonly used ones and is easy to remember.

Enabling features like MAC filter is also a good option to make your home network secure from any intruders. You can also find the local network option which displays the list of all connected devices in your network. From this, you can easily identify any device connected to your network without your permission. There you will get an option to block those devices as well which is one of the most useful options that the routers can provide you with. Some of the advanced broadband routers also provide the users with an option to create user specific rules. Through this feature, you can decide which resources should be made available for each of the connected devices. The Firewall option in the router also performs a similar function. To gain access to all these features, remember the IP Address 192.168.l.254 along with the login details.