What is 192.168.l.254 IP Address

If you are using computers then you might have known about Mac IDs, different IP addresses your PC might be having when you are connected to a network. IP address is a unique string of numbers which are separated by 4 full stops which helps identify each and every computer over the internet.

The IP Address 192.168.l.254 is the default private IP Address which are provided by a number of broadband routers and different modems. Mostly we either get or as the default IP address, this is one of the rarest case where you will get this IP address as the routers default IP.

192.168.l.254 IP Address

Companies like 2Wire, aztech, Gigabyte, Motorola and other companies use the 192.168.l.254 IP address as their default address.  This is a private address which you can access within your own private network. This address can be found in enormous places, and they do not send any network, because this IP address is blocked on the Internet, and is only used for internal travel of data. You must check the default router passwords which are setup using ip address.

Devices within the private network can access the private IP. Routers usually have 192.168.l.254 as their settings page IP address, and they assign a host of different network IP’s in some pre-specified range which it will use to access those device, and route the data traveling between the private network.

Admin panel is the most common panel that you will open in a router, this panel is used to configure the router, and it helps us to get our network secured from unauthorized access. You can enter the admin panel of the router by simply heading to the browser and entering http:// 192.168.l.254 into the address bar of the router. This will simply call the console or the admin pages of the router, usually it requires a user name and password which is different for each company. The default admin page can be accessed using ip address.

How to Check Local IP Address Using 192.168.l.254

If you want to know your local network IP address of the device you are currently using then you must follow following steps:

  • Press Windows + X on windows 10 to open Power User Menu, if you are still using older version of Windows then open the run command either from start menu or by pressing Windows + R key.
  • Open Command Prompt from either the Power User menu, or from the run command by entering cmd in the run panel.
  • Once the command promt opens simply enter ipconfig, which will then display a list of all the different connections you have attached to your computer.
  • You have to locate Default Gateway section under Local Area connection settings. It will also show your router’s IP address which will be 192.168.l.254 in most cases.
  • After checking the local ip address, you must restart your modem.

This way you will be able to get the IP address for your PC which will also be in the range of to, as 192.168.l.254 is the IP address for the router itself. Hope most of your doubts regarding 192.168.l.254 IP Address is clear, and you can make out the use of 192.168.l.254 IP address in a router.

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