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How does an IP address work? 

Any Internet protocol or IP address acts as an access point or gateway between any two devices connected on a network, more than often it is a LAN or Local area network. is a private IP address used by the manufacturer of routers, why are some Internet protocols used? Well, the answer is there are not many Internet protocols available for the manufacturer to choose from, simply because there is not enough space to accommodate so many different and unique authentication codes. 

What does an IP address do? 

An IP address has two functions, location addressing and the other one being network interface identification. When you use or any other Internet protocol the latter function comes into play, where your device is identified as part of the network. When is introduced in the device connected to the router, it is authenticated. An IP address acts as a primary key for identification.

What are the special features of IP Address?

Whenever you want to access the settings panel of your router, can be used. It a featured service installed in modern routers by the manufacturer. It comes in handy when you want to either reset the setting of your router or you want to modify the settings of your router. The special thing about is it is very easy to use, it does not require any special devices or equipment, it is used by all the major brands of router manufacturers, like D-link, TP-link, net gear and even Linksys. 

It establishes a direct and strong connection between the device it is used on and the router it is connected to. It is very fast and efficient and you only need a handful of easily available things to use it. You need a device connected to the router, a device with a web browser and the credentials (user id and password) of your router. It is compatible with a wide array of devices, like tablets, personal computers and even smartphones.

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How to use Login Admin? 

Step 1. Open your web browser and introduce “” into the URL address bar on top the browser and press enter. 

Step 2. Your browser will now ask you for your router credentials in the form of “username “and “password”. 

Step 3. Enter the credentials and enter them into the prompt window in your browser, in their respective fields. 

Step 4. And done, once you’re in the admin panel you can modify or even reset the settings of the router.

What if I forget my router credentials? 

If you don’t already don’t know your router credentials, there are other ways to get your router credentials. You can either look for words like “admin” or “user ID” at the back of your device or look in the user manual that came with the device for the default credentials. For the last resort, note down the model number and the brand of your router, and look it up on the internet, you should find the default credentials easily on the web, and you should be good to go. 

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