Admin Login Router IP Address

In the world we are living today, the Internet is an essential need for everyone. Internet uses Ip address. It is required for almost all utilities out there like ordering food, connecting with people and even for entertainment. People need to understand the usage of the Internet and how it is done, as it is a basic necessity. 

The Internet is widely accessed through the medium of wireless fidelity or popularly known as Wi-Fi. It is present in our homes and almost all offices and even other public places. Wi-Fi is accessed through a device known as a modem or a router.

About IP addresses

A router acts as a medium to form a network which is a private and generally small, most common example being a local area network or LAN. Every router has a default router login, which can be accessed through a standard Internet protocol or IP address. 

This IP address is pre-installed or allocated by the manufacturer. The most common IP addresses used are,, etc. these IP addresses are used to access the administrator’s settings panel of your router. 

This is a service, which is easy to use and is installed for user convenience. Brands like Sweex, most commonly use as their default router login IP address.  

When to use 

More than often, the customers purchasing the router are not aware of or other such IP addresses and how to use them. This is a useful tool and comes in handy many times. 

When you need to change the password of your Wi-Fi, or when you are having troubles with the connectivity of your Wi-Fi and you need to reset your router to factory settings or even when you need to modify the parental controls of your Wi-Fi. 

How to use 

This is a simple service and does not require any expertise or any technician. It is compatible with almost all types of devices like your smartphones, your digital tablets, personal computers and even smart televisions. It is available both in a wired option, which requires an Ethernet cable, or the wireless option. The items required are a web browser, the IP address, a device connected to the router and the credentials of your router.

How to attain the credentials of your router? 

There are many ways you can go about this: 

  • You can look at the back panel of your router for the default credentials or word like ‘admin’.
  • You can also look into the user manual for the default settings of your router. 
  • You can search the model number and brand name of your Wi-Fi on the web. 
  • The last resort is to manually factory reset your router, by pressing the reset button on your device. 

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Steps to use

  1. Open the web browser and introduce the IP address or in the URL search bar.
  2. A prompt window will appear asking for the credentials of your device, enter them in their respective fields. 
  3. Now the settings panel will appear on your screen and you can modify the settings of your router easily.

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