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The Internet is a necessity in the 21st century, everyone everywhere, uses the Internet for connectivity and information. Wi-Fi is the most easily accessible mode to use the Internet. But like all technology, Wi-Fi can also have issues in its functionality. acts as a gateway or access point between the devices connected with the Internet and the router they are connected to access the Internet.

An IP address or Internet protocol is important in any network because it acts as the unique authentication key for all devices in a network. The two functions of any IP address are of either network interface identification or location address. In the case of connecting and accessing the routers admin panel, acts as that unique primary key which lets the router identify you as a device connected in the local area network of that router.

The interesting thing about IP addresses is, router companies can’t produce new addresses for every single product and hence have to set certain IP addresses such as chosen from a default list. These are a list of a private set of IP addresses, which are given to the devices connected in a LAN or Local Area Network. 

Features About Router IP Address

The most amazing feature of is that you don’t need wires or Ethernet cables to connect to your router; you can use and easily and efficiently access your router’s admin panel. We also guided how to configure routers using ip address.

This IP address helps you establish a secure and direct connection to your router. can easily be used on any device connected to the router, be it a smartphone or your laptop, smart televisions and even digital tablets. This gives the administrator an added point of comfort of accessing the router setting from any device.

On rainy days where you forget your router’s password, you can easily use to access your Wi-Fi settings and reset your pass code. 

If you’re having difficulty attaining the Wi-Fi and password of your router, you go online and look up your router model, all modems have a certain pre-existing user id and passwords hence you shouldn’t face difficulty securing the credentials. To use you need the most easily available items, a web browser and a device connected to the router.

Follow these five easy steps with the help of, to access your router’s settings:

1. Open your web browser and introduce “” into the URL address bar on top the browser and press enter. 

2. Your browser will now ask you for credentials in the form of username and password. 

3. You can attain the username and password from router box or generally found at the back of your router.

4. Note down the credentials and enter them into the prompt window in your browser. 

5. And done, once you’re in the admin panel you can modify or even reset the settings of the router.

Video Tutorial for Router Configuration Settings :-

Conclusion about & 192.168.2.l :- is a private and default IP address used by all major brands of routers. It is a featured service that permits you to modify and reset your routers setting at your comfort. 

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