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We live in modern times, everything is one or the other way, used by technology. One of The most marvelous inventions of this new age is the Internet. We use the Internet for everything, be it ordering food, or to buy clothes, to acquire information and even to connect and communicate with people. Routers use for running the internet connections.

The Internet has changed the way the world works. The most commonly used way to access the Internet is through Wi-Fi, and the device used to use Wi-Fi is a router or modem. A router is used to establish a network. Generally, this is a LAN or a local area network. The router and every other device in the network use an IP address or an Internet protocol. It helps to identify the location of any device or to authenticate the device’s identity.

What is IP Address? is an IPv4 type of address, used by various brands of routers. It is a private IP address pre-installed by the manufacturer in the router. When you use this IP address it helps you access the router settings, through the admin login panel. can be used when you need to either change or reset the settings of your router; it is also used to attain the details of your router. It is very easy to use. It does not require any expertise or any special equipment to use it. It is completely free of cost, wireless and very fast. establishes a direct and strong bond between the device and the router. 

It can be accessed from a wide array of devices, like your digital tablet, personal computer and even your smartphone. can be used in the comfort of your house at your convenience. It is a service that is designed for user ease. 

How to use Login Admin? 

To use is a three-step process and the only things you need to use it are; a web browser, a device connected to the router and the credentials, that is the login which requires the user id and password of your router. But do not worry we have got you covered, mentioned below are the steps how to get the credentials of your router.

There are three ways to do so, 

  • You look at the back of your modem/router and look for the words ‘admin’ or ‘username’ or password. The manufacturer generally puts the default credentials on the back of the device so it can be used when the user forgets or loses them. We discussed in depth guide for ip address too.
  • Find the packaging of the modem and look at the back or in the user manual and you will find the default credentials there. 
  • You can note down the model number and brand of your router and lookup online for the default credentials. 

Steps to use Router Network

  1. Open your web browser and enter ‘’ in your search bar or open
  2. A prompt window will appear asking for credentials, enter the username and password in your respective fields. 
  3. You will now see the Admin setting panel on your screen. You can now modify and change the settings. After these steps, you are good to go.

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