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Why is an Internet protocol important?

Because of it, a unique key which, lets the network you are connected to identify that you are a recognizable device.

In shorter terms, it acts as an authentication key. is default and hence lets you connect to your router because it lets the network interface recognize you. If you are wondering why does this work it is because, router companies have to choose a private IP address for all their router, from a pre-existing list of IP addresses. IP Address supports several types of routers like :-

  • AP
  • Bridge
  • Customer
  • Repeater

So that it can easily be synced with several wireless programs, to give users a way more vibrant and comfortable wireless networking expertise. The fact that it supports multiple types of routers is evidencing enough of how dynamic this IP address is. is considered one of the most secure Internet protocols or IP addresses to access the Internet.

It is a default internet protocol which is used by major router brands like Belkin or D-link and hence can have a wide array of uses because it is one of the preferred IP addresses.  It acts as a gateway between any two devices connected in a network, generally LAN”s or Local Area Network, but might be compatible with other networks too. is a featured link, which helps you connect and login into the router, without much hassle and lets you access all the settings like ip address. connects you to the router directly and forms a strong connection between both the devices connected in the network. If you want to reset your router or modify the settings to the router.

Steps to login into your browser using Login Admin

Step 1:  Open your web browser, introduce 192.168.10, and a prompt window will appear.

Step 2:  Enter the credentials of your router: user id and password.

Step 3: Now you are in the administrator’s panel, you can modify or reset your router setting easily.

Steps to attain the credentials of your router using Settings

Method 1: If you don’t know the user id and password of your router don’t worry, follow the steps given below.

Method 2: Try to find words like “admin” or “username” on the back of our router.

Method 3: If you cannot find the credentials at the back of your router, try to find the box of your router and you will find the credentials there.

If both of these methods fail, then note down the model of your router, and the brand of your modem, then look it up online, you will find the default and pre-set password and username.

Conclusion for IP Address

In times of need, when you need access and change the setting of your modem or router, it does not require any fancy gadgets or devices you just need a web browser, and a device connected to the internet and you are good to go. is a short and easy way to access the admin panel of your router, with the comfort of it being wireless.

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