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What is an IP address?

An Internet protocol, also known as an IP address. It has two functions;

  • To act as a network interface identifier, which means it authenticates any device on the network and identifies it to be a part of a network.
  • To attain the location of any device on the network this function is known as location addressing.

An IP address is important in every network; all devices have a network, no matter which type of network. The router from which you access your Internet has a default IP address. All major brands, like D-link, TP-link, Net Gear etc. all use a preset IP address for their routers. Some popular and widely used IP addresses are, etc.

Why do all routers use similar IP addresses? 

With a rapid incline on the number of devices online, IP addresses were scarce, for the simple reason because they were finite. The reason for these IP addresses being finite were because of the format these IP addresses are in; IPv4. There were only several Internet protocols available and hence all major manufacturers bought some, hence similar IP addresses are used. is also a ipv4 address.

What is a router login? 

A router login is a way to access the setting of your router. This access is online and through an administrators settings panel. This settings panel can be used for an array of purposes, like resetting the settings of your Wi-Fi, changing the display name of your Wi-Fi, to help in troubleshooting or connectivity issues and even in modifying parental controls. The router login can be accessed through the default IP address of your router. is the IP address used by Atcom, EPox, Tellus, Linksys and Thecus for their router login.

A router login can be accessed through almost all types of devices like your smartphone, smart television, digital tablets and personal computers. It is an easy to use service, which is fast, efficient and does not require any technician. You do not need any fancy equipment to use it. There is a wired option also available on routers, which requires an Ethernet cable. Nonetheless, a wireless option is present for consumer convenience, which only requires a web browser, a device connected to the router and the credentials of your router.

How to attain the credentials of your router? 

  • You can look for words like ‘admin’, ‘username’, ‘password’ or ‘login’ at the packaging of the router, or in the user manual that comes along with the router at the time of purchase.
  • You can also look for the same words at the back panel of your router, often the default credentials are present there.
  • The last resort being the manual factory reset button present at the top of your router.

How to use 

  1. Open your web browser and search the IP address in the URL search bar at the top of your window.
  2. A prompt window will appear asking for the credentials of your router. Enter them in their respective fields.
  3. The settings panel will now appear on your screen and you are good to go.

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