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What is the function of an IP Address?

Any network has a certain number of devices connected to it. Every device on that network has a specific, IP address or Internet protocol attached to it. There are two functions of an IP address or internet protocol, to identify the devices connected to that network or to identify the location of the device on that network.

In this case, performs the former function, which is that it acts as an identifier for that device on which it is introduced. 

What is is a private internet protocol or IP address, it acts as a gateway or as an access juncture inside a network. It is used by all major router denominations like Belkin, D-link, TP-link and even NetGear.

Why do all major brands use the same internet protocol?

Well, the answer is simple, there is a pre-existing set of private IP addresses, which can be used by routers, simply because there is not enough space to accommodate so many unique primary keys on the network. 

Any private IP address such as, is a featured service which when entered on the web browser of any device connected to the Local Area Network, it will prompt a window which after resolving the window, will give you access to the Administrators access panel of the router. 

Why do you need access to the ‘Administrator access panel’?

Now, why will you need access to this panel is because, whenever you need to modify the settings of the router, for example, you want to change the password of your Wi-Fi, you will need access to this panel. 

Another reason why you would need access to the settings panel would be when you need to completely reset the settings of your router/modem, in-case your Wi-Fi has been hacked and you can easily reset then the whole router and secure your Wi-Fi, again. is a featured internet protocol and to use this service you do not need any extravagant gadgets or any special wires, all you need is a web browser, a device connected to the browser and the credentials of your router. is also known as 192.168.l.0 ip address by few ISP’s.

To attain the credentials of your router, you can either look at the back of your router and try and locate words like ‘Admin’ or ‘Username’ or you can easily find the box or packaging of your modem and then you will find the default credentials mentioned in the details about the product or in the setup manual that comes along. If you cannot find the credentials even after this, then note down the model of your router and its brand name, and you can look up online for a list of default credentials used by the model of your router. 

How to use :-

Step 1: Open your web browser, on a device which is connected to the router that you want to access. 

Step 2: Introduce the IP address ‘’ into the URL address bar located on top of the web browser. 

Step 3: After you have entered the address, you can enter the credentials of your router in the columns given for user ID and password. 

Step 4: After you have entered the credentials, you will see the settings panel of your router appear, you can now go ahead and modify the settings of your router or even reset them. 

Conclusion about Login Admin :- is an IP address which lets you access the administrator’s panel with ease and comfort without any hassles.

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