Admin Login IP Address Router Settings acts like an identity proof into the network you want to connect to. Any IP address is your visa into the world of the internet which is intermingled and connected, through router, servers and individual devices.

What is is default preset key and hence lets you connect to your router because it lets the network interface recognize you as a part of the network. If you are wondering why this works, it is because router companies have to choose a private IP address (type IPv4) for all their routers, from a pre-existing list of IP addresses.

Because of its multiple usages, it can easily be synced with several wireless programs, to give users a way more plural and comfortable wireless networking experience. is a service optimized for the convenience of the user. 

Is secure?

The fact that it supports multiple types of routers is evidencing enough of how dynamic this IP address is. is considered one of the most secure Internet protocols or IP addresses to access the Internet. It is a self-sufficient service and you do not require a technician or any special skill to utilize this service. is a default internet protocol which is used by major router brands like Belkin or D-link and hence can have a wide array of uses because it is one of the preferred IP addresses by all the big denominations in the router manufacturing sector. It acts as a gateway between any two devices connected in a network, generally LAN”s or Local Area Network, but might be compatible with other networks too.

How to use

You do not need any special equipment or software, just your everyday devices. The only important thing you need is the credentials of your router, which are very easy to get your hands on, you can either look at the back panel of your router and look for the default credentials under the words, ‘username’ or ‘admin’.  You must check Linksys router login too.

You can also look into the user manual that came with your device, and look in the ‘how to set up’ section of the manual or look into the ‘details of the device’ section of the manual. You can even search your model number and brand name, online and look for the default credentials. is a featured link, which helps you connect and login into the router, without much hassle and lets you access all the settings. connects you to the router directly and forms a strong connection between both the devices connected in the network. If you want to reset your router or modify the settings to the router, follow the steps mentioned below;

  1. Open your web browser, and search the IP address ‘’
  2. A window will appear on your screen asking for credentials, namely ‘username’ and ‘password’, enter them in their respective fields. 
  3. What you can now see on your screen in the administrator’s settings panel of your router, from here you can either change the settings of your router to your requirements or ‘factory reset’ the settings of your router.

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