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What is an IP?

Let us begin with the basics, why is an IP important? An IP address is essential because it helps in the process of network interface identification and accessing the location of your device. It is a unique key every network and every device has and to access the settings of any device in this network you will need this key. 

Any network no matter how big or small, be it a local area network or even a wide area network, it has a certain number of devices in it, every one of those devices has an Internet protocol or an IP address attached to it. Whenever you need to modify or reset the settings of your router you can easily use on any connected device. is a service, which is easy and efficient to use. You can access the admin settings panel of your router from anywhere in the network coverage, without using any special equipment or devices or any fancy cables. 

It establishes a direct and strong bond between the router and device on which is introduced. The only items you require to use this featured service is a web browser, a device connected to the router and the credentials of your router. Manufacturers like Belkin, Luxul and Proxim use for their router login. You must check ip also.

How to attain the default credentials of your router?

1. Look for the outer packaging that the device came in and look either at the back of the box, for details or the user manual that comes with the device, look for words like username or id. 

2. You can also look at the back of the device, and look for the same words such as ‘admin’ or ‘username’; the manufacturer generally leaves the default settings at the back panel, so that they come in handy in the time of needs. 

3. You can also, note down the model number and brand name of your router, and look it up online, you will find extensive pre-existing lists of default credentials in correspondence with your router details.

How to reset your router?

If you have previously edited the username or password of your route login and forgotten in you can reset your router. To reset your router you have to locate the reset button on your device. It is commonly present around the area, which has the ports. The reset button is very small, and you might require a pin or a small pointed item to press it. Press this button for 15 seconds. If your router is still not reset, press the button for 30-30-30 seconds, with the gap of a second where you release the button. Now your router has default credentials.

The three-step process to use

1. Open your web browser, and introduce ‘’ into your URL search bar on the top of the window.

2. A prompt window will appear asking for credentials, enter them in their respective fields. 

3. On your screen, the admin settings panel will appear, you can now modify and reset the settings of your router. 

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