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The IP addresses routers use is IPv4, which are limited in number. This is a loophole, which can be easily manipulated into a way to make a user service such as changing or modifying the settings of our router by using a fairly commonly used IP address such as is a private IP address. And the benefits of using this are that it does not have to be different for every different model of a router and hence can be used for a lot of devices or modems. They are used for connecting small LAN’s or Local Area Networks but also can be used by bigger networks as well.

Your router might face connectivity issues. It can also face problems with troubleshooting. You might want to change the password of your Wi-Fi or the display name of your Wi-Fi. In future, maybe a need arises to reset your Wi-Fi settings to factory default. You can utilize the router login for all these issues, which can be accessed through the preexisting IP address.

The only things you need to access the easy service of are one of the most easily accessible items, which are readily available in your household or organizations, a device, connected to the router and a web browser. Another important requirement to authenticate your identity is you need the router user-ID and password. 

What if you cannot find your router credentials? 

Don’t worry if you can’t find your Wi-Fi credentials, there are various methods you can use to attain the credentials of your router. 

  • You can find the outer packaging or even the box that the device came in, go to the back or the sides of the box, and you find the details of your router, and there the default credentials of your Wi-Fi will be mentioned. 
  •  If not, look inside the box, a user manual must be provided, in which the preset credentials will be mentioned, you can also, go you your router and look at the back of the device, and look for words like ‘Admin’ or ‘Password’, and you even get your login information from there. Also Check IP Address.
  • You can also, note down the model number and brand of your router and look it up online, you will find extensive lists of routers, mentioned with their default, passwords and user ids, which will help you in attaining the credentials of your Wi-Fi.

How to use

Step 1: Connect a device, (Mobile phone, tablet or personal computer) to the router of which you want to access the settings.

Step 2: Open the web browser on this device and top of the window, in the URL address bar introduce “”.

Step 3: A prompt window will appear on your screen, with the following fields, “User ID” and “Password”. These are known as router credentials. 

Step 4: Type in the router credentials, in the respective fields given below. 

Step 5: A window will appear on your screen, with the details about your router. This is the admin settings panel; you can now modify or reset the setting of your router.

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