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Routers and IP addresses

Every router has an IP address built into it. Your router needs an IP address to connect all the devices connected to your router, to the server network, which has all the information on the web. Manufacturers such as D-link, NetGear and SerComm use to access their online router login this router login is a portal or an access point between the router and the device connected to it. 

This access point lets the device use the settings panel of the router if and when required.It can be accessed from a broad array of devices, like your digital tablet, personal computer and even your smartphone. can be used in the comfort of your house at your leisure. It is a service that is designed for user ease.

All the things you need to use it are; a web browser, a device connected to the router and the credentials, that is the login which requires the user id and password of your router. But do not worry we have got you covered, discussed below are the steps how to get the credentials of your router. 

 Four ways to attain the credentials of your router are :

  • Method 1: You look at the back of your modem/router and look for the words ‘admin’ or ‘username’ or password. The manufacturer generally puts the default credentials on the back of the device so it can be used when the user forgets or loses them. 
  • Method 2: Find the packaging of the modem and look at the back or in the user manual and you will find the default credentials there. 
  • Method 3: You can note down the model number and brand of your router and search on the web for the corresponding default credentials. Also check : IP Address.
  • Method 4: The last resort is to reset the device, by using the small button located on your router. The reset button is tiny and hence you require a pin to press it. After you reset it you can use any of the above methods to use find the default credentials.

Steps to use

Once you have all the required items, follow this simple three-step process to access your router login:

1. Open your web browser and enter ‘’ in your URL search bar on the top of your window.

2. A prompt window will appear asking for credentials, enter the username and password in your respective fields. 

3. You will now see the Admin setting panel on your screen. You can now modify and change the settings. After these steps, you are good to go.

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