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An introduction to IP Address

We live in the 21st century and everything is intertwined with technology. Either it is made by technology or is making technology. One of The most marvelous inventions of this modern age is the Internet which uses ip address. We use the Internet for everything, be it ordering food, or to buy clothes, to acquire information and even to connect and communicate with people. 

The Internet has changed the way the world works. The most commonly used way to access the Internet is through Wi-Fi, and the device used to use Wi-Fi is a router or modem. A router is used to establish a network. Generally, this is a LAN or a local area network.

The router and every other device in the network use an IP address or an Internet protocol, for example, It helps to identify the location of any device or to authenticate the device’s identity. A router is a fairly simple device to use, but like every other device, it may require manual attention. 

About routers 

Your router might face connectivity issues. It can also face problems with troubleshooting. You might want to change the password of your Wi-Fi or the display name of your Wi-Fi. In future, maybe a need arises to reset your Wi-Fi settings to factory default.

Rather than calling a technician and going through the cumbersome process of maintenance, router manufacturers have now made it convenient to do all of these things at home. Your one-stop solution to all of these problems is a router login. Some router use IP Address also.

A router login is an access point or a gateway between the router and any device connected to the router. This login lets you access the settings panel of your router, which can be used for an array of purposes. It is easy to use the portal and does not require any specialized skill or knowledge.

The great thing about this portal is that it can be accessed by both ways, wirelessly and by a wired option. You can connect to the portal by using IP addresses such as This IP address is compatible with many kinds of devices like your mobile phones, laptop and even your smart TV.

It is fast, establishes a direct and secure connection between the router and the device. 

The items you require to use are a web browser, a device connected to the router and the credentials of your router. If you don’t have the credentials of your router you can look at the default credentials online, check the back panel of the device for the credentials or look for the default credentials in the user manual that comes along with the device on purchase.

How to use

  1. Open the web browser and introduce ‘’ in the URL search bar on the top of the window. 
  2. A prompt window will now appear on the screen asking for the credentials of the device, i.e. username and password, enter them in their respective fields. 
  3. Now the settings panel will open and here you can modify or reset the settings of your router.

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