IP Address Login Router Settings

You may have seen many types of IP addresses used to log in into your router, has pretty much the equivalent usefulness as the other internet protocols, such as, etc. A lot of reputed brands use the IP address like Alcatel, A few models of Linksys Routers, routers by Billion Gateways by Netopia and also Modems DSL modems by Westell Routers and modems by 3Com Modems. 

When to use IP Address ?

In today’s time, the Internet is a necessary commodity, it is used for anything and everything, and communication and information are both these services are accessed through the Internet. The most common method to access the Internet is using Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi is widely used by installing a router or modems. 

When you have to reset or modify the settings of your router, you need to access the admin settings panel of your router to change these settings. is the easiest and fastest way to change the settings of your Wi-Fi without much headache or any special devices or cables.

How to use Login Admin

  • Connect a device, (Mobile phone, tablet or personal computer) to the router of which you want to access the settings.
  • Open the web browser on this device and on top of the window, in the URL address bar introduce “”.
  • A prompt window will appear on your screen, with the following fields, “User ID” and “Password”. These are known as router credentials. 
  • Type in the router credentials, in the respective fields given below. 
  • A window will appear on your screen, with the details about your router. This is the admin settings panel, you can now modify or reset the setting of your router.

What if you cannot find your router credentials? 

Don’t worry if you can’t find your Wi-Fi credentials, there are various methods you can use to attain the credentials of your router. 

You can find the outer packaging or even the box that the device came in. Go to the back or the sides of the box, and you find the details of your router. The default credentials of your Wi-Fi will be mentioned. 

If not, look inside the box, a user manual must be provided. The manual must have preset credentials mentioned. You can also, go you your router and look at the back of the device, and look for words like ‘Admin’ or ‘Password’, and you even get your login information from there. 

You can also, note down the model number and brand of your router and look it up online, you will find extensive lists of routers, mentioned with their default, passwords and user ids, which will help you in attaining the credentials of your Wi-Fi. 

Conclusion about Login Admin is an easy, efficient and hassle-free way to connect directly to your router in the times of need and access its setting and change them, without any special equipment. is a featured Internet protocol designed for customer satisfaction.

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