IP Address Admin Login Router Settings Login IP Address Online is one of the many private IP address which can be used inside a private network. Apart from This IP address is used by a large variety of devices such as routers, modems and even webcams and DVRs. It’s used by a number of different brands such as Cisco and Infinity routers which are supplied by Comcast and their default IP address is

By using this IP address, you get to ability to customize the default gateway, and also you get access to complete electronic network with complete authority where you can change security options, IPQos, DNS, Proxy, LAN, WAN, WLAN Settings, PPPOE, DSL, DHCP Client, MAC, WPS, DSL. ip address can be directly accessed using the internet explorer browser. Netgear Settings can also be done using this ip address in the browser on your pc.

This ip can also be used by other private network devices but then it would be generally assigned to a network gateway or any other different type of network server. Router setup can be done after reading this guide.

What is ? is a router ip address. It is used by Comcast and Xfinity network routers. The configuration of routers is done using admin login. IP Address Login Admin

Netgear and Comcast is considered as a default gateway address when it represents a wireless A.P. point connection to the internet or the local side of a router.

Different clients devices would be able to see this IP address or 192.168.o.1.1 appearing in their TCP or IP network gateway settings once they have joined the local area network or L.A.N.

And when it comes to classful IP networks, this ip is considered a Class A address with the default subnet mask Its class is ranging from to and Its accessed by the router networks everytime you use the internet. Netgear Netgear

Using different devices on Login

If you want to determine whether any of the devices are on the local network which is using then you can do that by using the ping utility. As an administrator, you can reach the console by poiniting a web browser and only if you are assigned to a router. Login settings are provided mostly by the internet service providers.

You will need to type in “ in your address bar and once it loads then it will prompt for username and password.  One additional thing you need to keep in mind is that since falls under the category of a private IP address, it can never be used to connect to different devices over the internet. The admin login of router can be done using this address in the default browser on your PC.

Issues Which Occur with 10.0.01

Sometimes you may encounter issues which occur with, such as device address assignment error or the unresponsive gateway device error. You can easily solve these by establishing a static IP Address for the gateways running on You can configure using admin panel and reboot the router.

How to Open Address?

  • Open internet explorer on your PC
  • In the address bar enter
  • Make the configuration settings as per your need
  • Save & Reboot the router

Video tutorial for Username and Password :-

Conclusion about Admin Login

So far, we discussed the IP address in the post. We talked about it being a private address and a default gateway and what brands commonly use this IP address. This IP address is rarely seen in home networks because the broadband routers more commonly use addresses in a different series i.e. the 192.168.x.x series. Admin must be opened for network configuration settings.

This address is usually seen in business computer networks. However, both the 10.x.x.x and 192.168.x.x series fall under the category of private IP address ranges. Nonetheless, this was our take on the IP address. We hope that the post came off as informative to you and we would want you to stay tuned for more informative updates in the future.

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