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The Internet is an everyday necessity. It is required, in every office, every home and almost for all purposes, from ordering food to connecting to people continents apart. Accessing the Internet is of immense importance. For every person, to be involved in the mainstream world, and to know how these processes work is also an important task. ip address comes into play for using internet.

To smoothly utilize this, one needs to know how to tackle the problems that come with it. The widest spread method of accessing the Internet is by using Wi-Fi. It acts as an access point for two devices on a network. It is a wireless form of connecting to the World Wide Web.

Every modem or a router, which is used to access Wi-Fi, has a preexisting IP address assigned to them, which acts as a wireless gateway to access the router’s administrators panel. This panel is important because it has all the details and settings of the router. 

Many major router manufacturers use IP addresses like, which act as this access point. You would be thinking why do different routers use the same or similar IP addresses, well the answer is simple. and similar IP addresses are IPv4 type of internet protocols, which are finite in number, hence identical IP addresses had to be used to accommodate all the routers on the network, which is the internet. 

What is is a featured service. It is convenient to use and establishes a direct connection between the device and the router, which is the fastest method to access the router settings. It is also completely wire-free and does not require any fancy devices or special cables to use it. You do not need any special skills or technician to use this, you can do this yourself at home easily. The only items you need to use this are your router credentials, a device connected to the router and a web browser. If you don’t have the credentials, do not worry, given below are the few methods to attain these credentials. This ip is identical to, so you must check it too.

How to attain the credentials of your router?

Method 1: You can find the outer packaging of your modem or the box it came in and look for the words “admin” or “password” on both the sides of the box or the back of the box. You can also look into the user manual that comes along with the router and look for the default credentials, in the ‘details’ or the ‘how to set up’ section of the manual. 

Method 2: You can also look at the back panel of the router, and look for similar words. 

Method 3: You can also, note down the model number of your router and its brand name, and search it up online, you can find the default credentials with the corresponding model of your router. 

Steps to use Login Admin

After you have the credentials, follow these steps to use 

  1. Open your web browser and enter into your URL search bar. 
  2. A prompt window will appear asking for the credentials of your router, enter them in their respective fields. 
  3. The settings panel is on your screen, you are good to go to change or reset the settings of your router. 

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