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What is the domain name system?

A domain name system or a DNS is a directory of the Internet. All the resources on the Internet have a name; a DNS is like an address book of all these names. One web browser interacts with another web browser with the help of Internet protocols or IP addresses. 

A DNS has a simple task; it converts the domain name into an Internet protocol.  A DNS eliminates the effort of cramming up IP addresses for their corresponding domain names, which is proven to be a cumbersome task. It is a tool for users, which makes using the Internet more effortless and easy.

What is a DNS resolver or Domain name system resolver?

In simple words, a DNS resolver is a transformer or translator. Whenever you search for a website by its name, your web browser connects you to the server, the server keeps all the websites, under the forms of IP addresses, but the server does not know how to translate this name into an IP address, this is where the use of a DNS resolver comes in, it translates any given domain name, into the corresponding IP address.

Every router is taught to communicate to specific DNS resolvers, and this setting is managed or controlled by Internet service providers, (Airtel or Comcast). But the end decision is with the customer and they can choose to manually use another DNS resolver.

Benefits of using DNS Server

  • Now, why would a user want to use an alternate third party resolver? The answer is simple, the default resolves makes the customer’s data more vulnerable. The preexisting resolver uses a type of encryption, which is easy to decode, and hence the data is at a higher risk of a breach. uses much stronger encryption, which makes the user’s data much more secure and very difficult to access, it lets the veil of privacy be maintained for the customer.
  • Another reason to use is because of its performance. The preexisting DNS resolver has a much slower speed and takes more time to answer the server’s query, where puts forward a much faster and efficient service. We also discussed about ip address.
  • Another feature of is that it uses query minimization, which means it only sends a minimal domain name to the server as a query, enough for an accurate result but not so much, to make it easy to breach. This is also one of the reasons why is much faster to use.
  • also does not serve commercial purposes, it does not sell its customers data to data giants for their analytical and commercial purposes, it maintains privacy, and works the most for the best user experience.
  • The biggest advantage has over its competitors is that it is free of cost and does not have any further expenses attached to it.

Conclusion for IP Address :-

A DNS is an excellent service that makes the functioning of the Internet smoother. One of the best ways to access this tool is using, because of its many advantages which will make your experience safe and secure.

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